Saturday, May 12, 2007


Happy Saturday Foot Fans!
Who can resist Robyns BARE FEET in Jeans??
And against the carpet, no less...
This young, attractive Beautiful Barefoot Girl is one of our FAVORITE models with her NATURALLY CUTE and PERFECT Bare Feet...
In this photoset I start off with some NICE top of feet shots, then she moves her feet to the couch, where I get to focus on her TOES!
Then, Robyn faces the other way on the sofa and lets me photograph her FANTASTIC SOLES!
This is another GREAT photoset from a TRUE Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Oh yeah, and I released a Newsletter late last night... Check it out by clicking here...

Robyn is great because she's real...
She's one of those down-to-earth girls who loves to be barefoot, walk around barefoot and takes REALLY good care of her feet...

What's even better is that she's got some PERFECT and NATURALLY Attractive Feet!

She's EXACTLY the kind of girl who you see at the Grocery Store, Mall or Coffee Shop that you wonder what her feet looks like... and with Robyn you don't get disappointed...

If you like her pictures, you are going to LOVE the complete photoset! She's AMAZING!

Go here to check out Robyn and ALL the Beautiful Barefoot Girls complete photosets:

You'll be glad you did!

Talk to you soon,


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