Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lier in THE POSE in the Green Room! Sexy Barefoot Photoset!

Here is Lier in the Green room, starting off already BARE FOOT and laying in THE POSE!

After some nice top of feet pictures I get some GREAT close-ups of her bare toes!

Lier then sits up and shows you her SMOOTH and SEXY PETITE SOLES!

After rubbing her bare feet together for you she lays back and puts her feet up on the head of the bed where you are able to see her wonderful arch and cute toes!

Enjoy this wonderful set from a Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Everything about Lier is AMAZING... From her wonderful smile and cute "alternative look" to her tiny toes and petite peds...

If you like small feet attached to cute girls, Lier is your kind of "barefoot girlfriend"!

And the fantastic freedom that she represents by sharing her bare feet with you is incredible...

When your personal collection of barefoot pictures and videos is ready for 40 brand new "barefoot girlfriends" look no further than my site...

Have a great Tuesday and I'll talk to you soon,


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