Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Melba and Gam in Cute Two-Girl Barefoot Video

Today's Beautiful Barefoot GIrls update is from Melba and Gam, two girls who love being barefoot....

As they start off very slow, you can see Melba begin to touch toes with Gam and then eventually rub her entire bare foot over Gams bare toes..

I get some NICE close-ups as Gam starts to warm up and they end up in a complete sea of bare feet, toes and soles...

A very cute two-girl video of some sexy barefoot girls!

I love shooting two girls at once... It's so sexy to be part of the freedom and sensuality that being barefoot with twenty toes brings...

And the way these girls rub their feet together is amazing!

If you like two-girl photosets, you are going to LOVE this video!

Talk to you soon,


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