Sunday, February 03, 2008

Robyn on the Barefoot Bench! Free Miniset!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls FREE update is the SUPER CUTE Robyn sitting on a park bench and removing her black, flip-flop sandals for you!

Watch as she slowly removes them, allowing you to savor every inch of her sexy foot...

Then watch as she pulls her heels up and let's you examine her SMOOTH SOLES...

I end this photo session with some GREAT Toe Close-ups! Enjoy this free set from a very sexy barefoot girl!

Check out these previews...

Isn't Robyn super cute??

And her feet! Wow! What a Beautiful Barefoot Girl?!?

This is a free "miniset"... It's a complete set that's available for free on my site!

She really enjoys sharing her feet with you, and I remember how reluctant she was at first...

But once we got to the park and she started posing, she got REALLY into it...

Her FEET are just as amazing as this girls personality!

Robyn fits right in on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website and she's always a joy to work with!

Talk to you soon!


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