Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Amber's Petite Bare Feet Outside! New Video!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is Amber in a super cute outdoor video... between
the rain and the snow, Amber managed to get outside and take off her black leather sandals
in order to share her sexy and petite feet with you.

Watch as she sits in the chair and starts off by showing you her SMOOTH SOLES and quickly spreads her toes apart for you.

She then does some SEXY foot stacking to show off the wonderful landscape of her bare feet,
followed by some SLOW foot rubbing...

This is a cute video from a cute barefoot girl!

If you like those SMALL and PETITE Feet, you are going to really enjoy Amber...

She's got those NATUALLY ATTRACTIVE Bare Feet that are simply expressive by themselves.

But when she starts moving them around and showing them off... whew! You're gonna lose it!

Amber's got that wonderful "thing" that all the girls on my site have... Artistic and expressive feet that are wonderful to enjoy!

Check out this video on my site...

Talk to you soon


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