Thursday, April 24, 2008

Monica's Sexy Lotion Video!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is from Monica...

Check her out as she sits on the green couch and lotions her already bare feet.

As she reaches for the lotion she puts a glob on the tops of her feet... And after some slow rubbing you can hear the lotion squishing between her toes! I also get some GREAT close-ups!

Monica is a Ped Princess with some large feet that she really enjoys sharing with you... and this long foot rub is no exception.

Enjoy this wet experience with a Beautiful Barefoot Girl.

Monica and her sexy bare feet are such a site to behold!

Monica really inspires me to do better as she loves to show off her long and large feet with you!

And let me tell ya...

If you enjoy Monica, you are going to love ALL the girls on my site! When you're ready to literally turbo-boost your personal collection of bare feet, soles, toes and arches you need to check out my site.

Talk to you soon,


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