Thursday, April 17, 2008

Simone's Wacky Barefoot PhotoSet!

Todays Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is a super hilarious photoset from Simone!

As you know from previous photosets, shes a very outgoing girl with an amazing personality and some incredibly SEXY FEET!

This photoset starts in the green room and you get to see her feet freshly out of her shoes... she lifts her legs for you to check out her smooth and curvy soles... and then its some face play, where she puts her feet on her face and licks her big toes!

It's a fun and sexy photoset from a Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Simone is one of those girls who is naturally attractive.

She loves to be barefoot ALL THE TIME and it really shows...

It shows in how comfortable she is in front of the camera and how much she enjoys you looking at her bare feet...

And Simone is just one of the many Beautiful Barefoot Girls who love showing off their feet...

Check out my site for all the girls, some free previews and many free MINISETS of all the women!

Talk to you soon!


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