Monday, June 09, 2008

Anna's Sexy Sandal Removal Video! Outdoor Foot Fun!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is from the UBER CUTE Anna, showing off more of her SEXY DANCER FEET...

In this GREAT video she sits on a bench near a pond and quickly removes her sandals for you.

I get some NICE Close-Ups of her DIRTY TOES and she does not waste a second by rubbing her feet together.

Anna then throws back her heels to show off her SMOOTH and SEXY SOLES, quickly followed by some FOOT STACKING where you can see her complete ARCH.

I get some beautiful shots of the bottom of her toes and she then throws up her legs to show off how high she can arch her foot!

Finally, Anna ends the set by rubbing her hands on her bare feet... This is a very sexy photoset from a TRUE Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Anna and her feet are amazing...

From the second I met this girl, I knew that she was special.

Once I saw those Dirty Dancer Feet, I knew that my initial feeling was correct.

Anna really is a Beautiful Barefoot Girl... and now that she's out of classes for this year, it's more time to go barefoot and enjoy the natural sensation of her bare feet touching the earth.

Check out Anna and all the "earthy" girls on my site, you'll be glad you did!

Talk to you soon,


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