Friday, June 27, 2008

Destne Shows Off Her Soles on the Barefoot Bench!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the pretty Destne sitting on the park bench already barefoot and waiting to share her wonderful, slender feet with you.

Destne starts off this photoset showing off the tops of her feet and quickly moves her legs up to show you her bare soles... after spreading her toes for you, Destne does some foot stacking, showing off the majesty of both her amazing arches!

Then, Destne lays her feet down on the bench and wrinkles her sexy soles for you...

I then shoot all around her wrinkled feet, showing you every muscle and curve of this beautiful girls bare feet. Finally, I get some nice sole shots and then some uber close-ups...

Enjoy another sexy barefoot set from a Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Destne is a down-to-earth girl who loves to be barefoot...

But especially loves being barefoot in the Summer.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Summer's are amazing... and catching Destne riding her bike to the park and shedding those shoes is a pretty common thing.

If you love Destne's naturally attractive bare feet, you'll want to check out all of her photosets and videos on my site...

Talk to you soon,


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