Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Destne's Slim Soles and Slender Toes!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls photoset is from Destne.

Destne starts off this photoset already barefoot and showing off her bare soles in a toe-spreading position! Gotta love that!

I immediately get in front of her and get some nice top of feet shots, showing off her toes and red toenail polish.

Destne then points her toes out, showing off the entire length of her long and lanky feet!

Destne then breaks into a foot stacking position where I get some pictures from each side and right in front of her, showing off the landscape of her amazing arches!

Destne then puts her feet down and wrinkles her soles for you... after some nice close-ups she rubs her feet together, placing one foot on top of the other in a slow array of sexy toes and tops of feet.

Destne is a Beautiful Barefoot Girl and once you get this entire photoset you'll know why!

Check out these great previews from this photoset...

When Destne showed up with her new haircut I could tell that shooting her was going to be super fun! I always have fun with Destne... we talk about whats been going on with her and the conversation always gets around to feet...

She's always curious as to what sorts of emails she's got from the site and how many other girls I've been photographing recently...

As you can tell, Destne is already a Beautiful Barefoot Girl with that smile and, of course, those amazing feet.

But she's also got that extra special "something" that makes her AMAZING!

You can check out all of Destne's barefoot photosets and videos on my site here:

Talk to you soon,



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Blogger said...

Lovely soles and piggy toes! I have a female foot fetish, so i enjoyed this. I also have a blog about my fetish. Ceeck it out at

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