Monday, May 18, 2009

Kirsten's Sexy Flip-Flop and Foot Stacking Video!

Here is the beautiful Kirsten sitting on the brick stairs in a pair of flip-flops...

Watch as she wiggles her toes and I get some nice close ups of her bare feet waiting to get out of her sandals.

Kirsten first takes off her right flip-flop, showing her bare toes to the whole park!

Then she removes her left sandal, making her completely barefoot.

Kirsten then puts her feet up and reveals her smooth and slender soles.

After more toe-wiggling and some sole-wrinkling I get some amazing close-ups of her sexy soles.

Then Kirsten speads her toes super wide, allowing me to actually see inbetween her toes.

Then, its on to some sexy foot stacking, where Kirsten wiggles her top toes and shows off both her curvy arches for you in a single shot.

After swapping out her feet for more foot stacking, Kirsten then slowly rubs her bare feet together, one on top of the other, to provide a sensual display of tender toes!

This is a super sexy video from a very Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Talk to you Thursday!



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