Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Destne's Long and Lanky Soles and Toes!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the long and lanky Destne, sitting in the front room wearing a pair of cute leather kitty shoes.

Watch as Destne slowly takes her socked feet out of her shoes, only to reveal that shes got a long pair of mis-matched socks on!

Once she takes off her socks she lays her long bare feet down on to the hardwood floor, where I get down and get some nice close-ups of her toes.

Destne then pulls her heels up and shows off her smooth and sexy soles.

She then brings her feet up and uses the end of the chair as a way to showcase her amazing arches!

This is a fun and exciting barefoot photoset from a Sexy Barefoot Girl!

Check out these previews...

Destne is a fun and easy model to shoot... She's down to earth, loves to model and loves to be naked... which is a good combination to have.

Add this all up with her long and lanky feet and you've got a winner!

Yes, Destne has modeled her lovely bare feet for the Beautiful Barefoot Girls site several times, and she loves to come back and show those toes.

You can check out this photoset, along with ALL of Destne's full videos and picture sets, by going here:


You won't be disappointed!

Talk to you soon,



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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lier's Tattoo'd Sofa Soles

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the lovely Lier in another great photoset... those fans of Lier know that she often changes her look and this photoset proves to be not exception!

Here she is sitting on the sofa, already barefoot and ready to share her petite feet with you!

After some nice body shots, Lier lifts her heels and shows off her small soles for you.

This is quickly followed up by some nice close-ups that really showcase her bright green toenail polish!

Lier then spreads her toes wide for you, well, at least as wide as she can, and then lays her soles together for a nice perspective of her tiny toes!

Enjoy this awesome photoset from a Beautiful Barefoot Girl!

Check out all of Lier's full photosets and videos here:


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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simone and Davy Share Soles and Toes Together!

Here is a wonderful Beautiful Barefoot Girls photoset that showcases the majestic feet of both Simone and Davy.

They are already barefoot and sitting on the bed, ready to share their naturally attractive bare feet with you.

After some nice top of feet shots where they show off all ten of their toes, both girls lift their heels and show

off their smooth and sexy soles in an awesome foot stacking position.

Next, Simone and Davy get closer together in the middle of the best and start rubbing their bare feet together.

This eventually gives way to an ocean of toes and soles all being loved together.

Enjoy this sexy barefoot photoset that showcases two Beautiful Barefoot Girls!

Check out these previews...

Both Simone and Davy are a joy to shoot... but together they are super fun.

They are always cracking jokes and laughing because they are very down-to-earth girls who love to be barefoot.

But what the like more than being barefoot is sharing their naturally attractive soles, toes and arches with you.

Simone and Davy have a TON of videos and photosets on my site... and there is literally only one place on the web

where you can get them...

It's here:


You'll be glad you checked it out!

Talk to you soon,


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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tara Sucks Her Toes on the Sole Sofa!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the stunning Tara in a shoe-removal and barefoot photoset that you are going to love.

Watch as she sits on the sofa wearing a pair of comfortable black slippers.

Tara quickly removes them to reveal her beautiful bare feet, at which I get some very nice close-ups of her toes and them of her smooth and sexy soles.

Then Tara gets into a nice foot stacking position, showing off both of her arches at one time!

Tara then wrinkles up her soles for you and then gets into THE POSE, where she lays on her stomach and throws her beautiful barefeet up behind her.

Then Tara does some amazing and intimate toe-sucking where I get some great close-ups of her toes going in and out of her mouth.

Enjoy this wonderful Beautiful Barefoot Girls photoset.

Check out these previews...

I met Tara off the web... and boy, am I glad I did... She's come back several times to share her perfect peds and flawless feet with us and each time has been a joy to photograph her.

Tara is a dancer who takes care of her body and it really shoes.

Not to mention that she LOVES to go barefoot and really loves the idea that other guys and girls are excited to see her toes!

You can get all of Tara's full photosets and videos here:


Talk to you soon,



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