Monday, August 19, 2013

Ruth Removes Flip-Flops and Shares Soles and Toes!

Welcome Ruth to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website.

This cute blonde begins her first photoset sitting in the park wearing some shorts and flip flops.

Her shorts showcase her tan legs and her sandals cradle her naturally attractive bare feet that she is ready to show you.

After some nice close-ups, Ruth slowly removes her feet from her flip-flops, allowing you to savor every inch of her feet as she takes them off.

After she gets her shoes off all the way she even holds them up and smiles because she loves the feeling of being barefoot and she now gets to show off her pretty bare feet.

Ruth then stretches her legs out and begins by showing off her smooth and sexy soles.

Then, with her bare feet right in your face, she does some sole scrunching and toe spreading.

Ruth ends this wonderful photoset by doing some awesome foot-stacking, showing off the bottoms of both of her feet at the same time.

Her smooth soles and long, slender toes are a delight for any foot lover.

This is one of those Beautiful Barefoot Girls that you need in your private collection.


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