Monday, December 30, 2013

Sara's Sexy Soles and Toes in the Park

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the beautiful Sara, innocently walking around the park wearing a pair of brown leather flips flops.

She poses for a bit against the backdrop of the city and in enticed by our resident photographer to lay down on the grass and remove her sandals.

After some nice close-up of her toes being cradled by her shoes, she slowly takes them off, letting you savor every second of her removing her shoes.

Once her bare feet are out into the open air she lets you check out her perfect toes by rubbing her feet on top of each other, then she slowly lifts her heels showing off the smooth and sexy bottom of her soles.

This is a fun sandal removal photoset from a very Sexy Barefoot Girl!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Kayla's Cute Feet in the Park! Fresh Foot Fetish Video!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is an amazing video by the wonderful Kayla.

What I love about Kayla is that the is the prefect combination of sexy and cute... and her FEET really show this.

She starts off a sunny but cold afternoon sitting on the park bench wearing a pair of big, warm boots.

She quickly removes them to reveal her perfect peds.

She then scoots forward and puts both of her bare feet on the armrest of the bench.

She begins to wiggle her cute toes in the sunshine and then puts her heels up so that you can behold her smooth and sexy soles.

The camera then swoops in closer to focus on the bottoms of her toes as she scruntches her soles for you. Kayla then puts her feet down on the park bench, showing off the tops of her feet and the cute pink toenail polish that adorns her sexy toes.

She continues to wiggle her toes until she moves forward even more and thrusts her bare soles right into the camera.

If you love those videos that make you feel like you are RIGHT THERE with a sexy barefoot girl who WANTS YOU to love her bare feet, this is a fun video for you.

There is only one place you can get this fun foot fetish video for your private collection.

It's here:

You will enjoy this one! :)


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Monday, December 09, 2013

Kayla Shares Her Bare Feet in the Park doing THE POSE

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the lovely Kayla, already barefoot and excited to share more of her attractive and sexy bare feet with you. 

She starts off this fun photoset in THE POSE, with her bare feet up in the air behind her body. 

After some nice close-ups of the tops of her feet and toes, Kayla puts her feet down and lets us see the smooth bottoms of her toes and her sexy soles. 

She then sits up and throws her legs out in front of her, putting her feet up on the arm-rest of the bench and gripping the handle with her toes! 

She ends this great photoset with some foot stacking where she shows off the entire length of both of her smooth soles at one time. 

There is only one place that you can partake of Kayla's soles and toes... it's at

When you get Kayla's pretty feet, petite toes and sexy soles in your private collection, it will be complete. :)

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