Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sexy New Tickling Video from Alisha

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls site update is a sexy tickling video from Alisha!

She is sitting in the middle of the park on a sunny day.

She is already barefoot and showing off her sexy, naturally attractive soles when along comes a friend out of nowhere and starts to tickle the bottoms of her feet.

She resists a little bit, but when he grabs a small stick and starts stroking her soles she starts to giggle a bit more.

He then ditches that to use his fingers and get her in between her toes, which causes her to laugh a little bit more.

Finally, he finds a really ticklish spot on her heel and holds her ankles down as she tries to resist.You'll enjoy the leg quivering and toe spreading she does as our friend tickles her Beautiful Bare Feet!


Talk to you soon!


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