Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Street Feet & Foot Fetish

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is more of Jana's SUPER SEXY Street Feet! Enjoy this photo set where Jana poses next to a rusty pole and in front of a garage door...

This set shows the MAJOR JUXTAPOSITION between sweet and sensual Bare Feet and the extremes of the dirty street...

It was a fun photo shoot to do... and even MORE FUN to enjoy...

Check out some preview pictures!

Let's start off with some wonderful, smooth toe shots...

Of course, we need some body shots in there...

And let's finish up with some ARCHES! Yes!

As you can tell, Jana is one of those 'arty' chicks, with some really sexy feet... the kind of feet that you see DAILY on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website..

Beautiful Barefoot Girls is a classy site, established for the PURE and non-pornographic worship of Bare Feet. These are the finest feet that the Northwest has to offer, stripped of socks and shoes... showing each and every aspect of SEXY Barefeet... This is the site that YOU would make!

I've gone to great lengths to make it look good, but not TOO slick... and make it easy to navigate and secure to order and sign-up... if you love bare female feet, you're going to WORSHIP my site! Check it out here:

You'll be glad you did! Have a FANTASTIC FOOT FRIDAY and I'll talk to you soon!!



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