Friday, June 02, 2006

Kick Off Your Bare Foot Weekend Right!!

Hey Fabulous Foot Lovers!!

I've got a GREAT way to kick off your weekend... it's time to ROCK with the Beautiful Barefoot Girls...

First off, the update on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website is the second set of Jamie's AWESOME porch feet... this is the second set to the one I uploaded on Monday!

Check out some of these sample pictures... Here are some toes:

And here are some soles...

Secondly, the contribution page on the Sexy Barefoot Girls website got kicked off to a GREAT start! Thanks for the feedback... I got it and I listened... yesterday I uploaded 8 pictures sent in by fans... these are sexy and I mentioned them yesterday but I wanted to mention it again... if you haven't checked them out you really should!

And finally I am in the process of uploading two NEW VIDEOS to I'll be around this weekend to let you know when those are done and how you can download them!

So there you have it! Three KILLER ways to start off your weekend!


Talk to you soon,



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