Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday Foot Fetish Video Update!

Yo Foot Fans -

So... the new model's pretty cute, eh? Her name is Betty and I am SUPER EXCITED to be bringing her FANTASTIC FEET to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website... If you haven't see her SEXY feet yet, check out yesterday's blog.... I am still working on her photosets, so they are coming soon...

In the meantime I have something just as cool...

And in fact, it might be cooler only because it's happening RIGHT NOW! LOL!

Today's update to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website is a video... but not just ANY video... it's Jamie shedding some expensive shoes and showing off her bare feet... Enjoy these screen shots taken from the video:

As you can tell, the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website is a HUGE repository of those NATURALLY SEXY and CUTE feet from BEAUITFUL GIRLS... Check out all the FREE CONTENT and AWESOME SETS here:
Talk to you tomorrow!!


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