Thursday, January 24, 2008

Davy's Slender Feet on the Sofa - New Miniset!

Davys slim feet are amazing... and in this free Beautiful Barefoot Girls Miniset Davy sits on the couch and begins by pulling on her tights so that you can see her bare feet even better...

Then she throws her feet up on the sofa and lets you check out her smooth and thin soles...

Davy then wrinkles up her soles and lets me get some GREAT pictures...

Enjoy this free photoset from a Cute and Sexy Barefoot Girl!

Bare Female Feet are amazing... and Davy is no exception.

Her bare feet are very expressive of her freedom and her open mind.

Like all the girls on my site, Davy really enjoys sharing her bare feet with you and loves the fact that you worship them!

Make sure you download this entire set!

Talk to you soon,


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