Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dirty Feet For Your Thursday Foot Fetish

I hope you enjoyed the wonderful STREET FEET from Jana... she's got the lastest Beautiful Barefoot Girls update with her "arty" style and AWESOME feet...

Today's update is for the Sexy Barefoot Girls site...

It's a video... and guess what? It's a CLASSIC... in fact, this is one of the very first foot fetish videos I shot... It's Jana (yes, the same Jana who recently came back for a photo shoot for the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website).

She reclines on a park bench... in the "pose"... where she starts to move her bare feet up and down... putting her VERY DIRTY feet right into the camera... in fact, seeing the dirt on her pink toe-nail polish is super sexy! And the close-ups are FANTASTIC!!

So, check out the Sexy Barefoot Girls website by going here:

and check out my "main" site by going here:

Oh yeah... and I forgot to release the URL for my latest Audrey update... this is the one I was telling you about the other day that's on the YouTube site too... if you aren't a member of YouTube yet, check out this Google site:

A'ight.... get ready for another Beautiful Barefoot Girls website update tomorrow and enjoy today's video!

Talk to you soon,



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