Friday, July 13, 2007

Amber's STRONG and SEXY FEET in a New Photoset!

Happy Friday Foot Lovers -

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the BEAUTIFUL Amber sitting in the grass...

Watch as she removes her white, wooden sandals for YOU! Once her SEXY SANDALS are off, Amber sits back and lets you check out her SMOOTH SOLES!

Amber then WRINKLES her soles for you and then puts her feet heel to toe.

Finally, Amber puts her precious peds flat on the green grass and I get some NICE top of feet and STRONG TOE shots!

Enjoy another wonderful set from a SEXY girl!

Check out some preview pics from my site...

I LOVE Amber's bare feet... They are STRONG and very defined!

Like all the girls on my site, Amber has her own unique look... And what a SEXY look it is!

Each Beautiful Barefoot Girl is a testament to the diversity I offer on my website... and after today's update I have over 9400 ORIGINAL images on my site... Images of Bare Feet, Bare Toes, Arches, Toe Sucking and two girl barefoot photo sets...

So, when you're ready to QUICKLY and INSTANTLY TURBO-BOOST your private collection of female feet, check out my site... It's also a Safe, Secure and EASY site to navigate...

But don't just take my word for it... Check it out for yourself here:

You'll be glad you did!

Talk to you soon,


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