Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Toes that Tease, Dangle and Spread!

Hey Foot Guys And Foot Gals -

Today's update is a special one... and it's by request...

K is one of the members of the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website. He wrote me yesterday afternoon and said:

"You have beautiful girls on this site but you're really lacking some toe spreading."

And I agree with him... I need more Toe-Spreading on my site... there is some REALLY SEXY about toe-spreading...

So, I got the camera out... called up a VERY SPECIAL friend named Jenny, and got her to do a quick video for me... well, this quick video turned out to be SUPER SEXY...

Thanks K.T. for the feedback (and the INSPIRATION!!)... I REALLY appreciate it!

Watch as Jenny teases you with some cute shoes...

And after some dangling, it's the revealing of those SEXY bare feet....

Some major close-ups of some cute toes...

And YES... some SEXY Toe-Spreading!

Jenny is a special gal with some very pretty feet... she's a Beautiful Barefoot Girl for sure!

Oh yeah, and I released a Newsletter last night... this Newsletter deals with three personal reasons I believe that female feet are literally works of art... in fact, I thought that this article was so good that I'll be adding it to the Sexy Barefoot Girls website very soon. Check out my Newsletter by clicking here!

If you like those screenshots above, you're gonna LOVE the video... you can see the video of Jenny and ALL the Beautiful Barefoot Girls by going to my site.

Talk to you tomorrow!



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