Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday Toes for the Sexy Barefoot Girls Website!

Hey Foot Lovers -

I hope I was able to help you cope with that Monday Foot Madness yesterday... I know that Jamie is one of those gals that can remedy ANY foot problem! LOL!

But I did get some requests for me...

Do YOU want MORE?

Okay, you've got it!

I updated the Sexy Barefoot Girls website today with some new pictures... if you are already on my Newsletter list you can skip the first page and go directly to the pictures by clicking here:


If you are NOT on my Newsletter list yet, you really should be... it's a killer Newsletter with special pictures, stories and articles... you can sign-up on the home page of the Sexy Barefoot Girls website... it's here:


Tomorrow has the second Jamie update... it will be on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website and this time she's BAREFOOT for the entire shoot! Love it...

And if you are into the gals on the Sexy Barefoot Girls website you are going to LOVE my "main" site... it's got the complete photo sets and TONS of video, along with some extra goodies...

You can check out my main site here:


Talk to you tomorrow!



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