Sunday, April 30, 2006

More of the Good Stuff!

Hey Y'all -

Today I am excited... I am shooting two of the Beautiful Barefoot Girl website's favorite models! Not only seperately, but TOGETHER as well.

I won't tell you who... but you'll find out soon! I promise!

The sun is out and it's a KILLER day to be outside...

I also got a GREAT response from several other gals who are interested in modeling their SUPER SEXY feet... and let me tell you, these gals are AWESOME! Just from the photos they've sent me, they are going to be a welcome edition to our family of fantastic female feet!

In the meantime, the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website has over 2600 original and exclusive images, ready for INSTANT download... if you want to give your personal female foot picture and video collection a "turbo boost" than you need to check out my site...

It's easy to navigate and even has FREE PREVIEWS...

You can check it all out here:

Talk to you soon,


Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bare Toes, Soles and Arches!

Hey Foot Fans -

Today's update of the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website is the third and final update of Jamie's April Photoset!

And what a FANTASTIC set it is..

In today's update you'll see Jamie use the sofa to her advantage... getting in various
positions to show off her sexy, petite feet... Check out some of the preview pictures...

(Oh yeah, and click on each picture to see the ACTUAL size!)

Check out those SMOOTH soles and SEXY arches!

... and those WONDERFUL TOES and sexy red toe-nail polish!

If you find Jamie's pictures SEXY, you are going to LOVE my website... it's got TONS of pictures, video and a store with full length DVD's.... EVERYTHING on my website is ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE content that I want to share with you.

Check out my website here:

Talk to you soon


Friday, April 28, 2006

Ped Purity for Female Feet Fans!

Hey Foot Fans!

It's another FANTASTIC day in the world of Female Feet!

We're still in the middle of an AWESOME update from Jamie on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website... our resident "top model"... and she is as cute and sexy as ever!

Last night I released a Newsletter... and even this morning I've got some pretty positive feedback about it.

In the Newsletter I ended up writing an article that has to do with the 'purity' of our foot fetish and the "sexual" energy that flows through our psyche... I know, I know... sounds deep and "new age", huh?

Well, I think you might be pleasantly surprised...

To read this article, and the complete Newsletter, click here.

Talk to you soon,


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Toe Teasing Without The Teaser!

Hey Fellow Foot Fans -

Today is the second of three updates with Jamie... this gal is just incredible... In this photo set it's more of her sexy and petite feet, complete with HOT red toe nail polish.

She sits on the top of the sofa, teasing with some toe shots only to slide down and show you the tops of her feet.. this is a real TOE-TEASER, without the 'teaser' part... LOL!

Here are some preview pictures from today's update:

Doesn't Jamie have some INCREDIBLE feet?

If you like the Jamie look you are going to love ALL the girls on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website. There are over 2600 ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE pictures to instantly grow your collection...

Check it out here:

Talk to you soon,


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fantastic Feet Movie Madness!

Hey Feet Fans -

The Beautiful Barefoot Girls store is in now officially full swing... with two incredibly unique DVD's and more in the works I am getting EXCITED.

The DVD's are a FANTASTIC way to really augement the experience of being a fan of bare foot women... In fact, they are like being RIGHT THERE with each gal... as they remove their shoes, then their socks and the anticipation of what comes next!

And what comes next depends on the DVD.... Amber takes a bath and shows you her feet in the warm water and bubbles... Jana kisses, licks and sucks her own toes... Jamie and Julian rub their feet together, Jules uses lotion to soothe her petite feet and Jessica does a shoe tease... of course, there is much more!

If you haven't got a chance yet to check out the commercials I made for these, you really should... They are clips that contain actual scenes from each full length DVD... Check out:

I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to describing these, but I am SO EXCITED about finally getting these released!

* * * * *

Today I'm between updates, but I just started a new and REALLY sexy Jamie update yesterday. I am going to upload another set tomorrow morning, so be on the lookout for those...

Check out ALL the Beautiful Barefoot Girls, both pictures and videos, here:

Talk to you soon,


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Special Foot Fetish Announcement!

Hey Foot Fans -

I made a special announcement today in my Newsletter... And I want to make it to this Blog as well!

I've worked for a REALLY LONG time on a project that's coming into a reality this week...

If you'd like to read the Newsletter yourself, click here...

If not, and you want some INSTANT GRATIFICATION... here it is:

I have opened an online "store" for the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website!!

I am super excited because I've put alot of energy and effort into making this happen. I want to deliver TOP QUALITY, UNIQUE and ORIGINAL products to you... and this is one way to do it.

The store currently has two full-length DVD's for sale... and if you like the cute, naturally SEXY Barefoot Girls you see on my blog you are going to LOVE my store.

Click HERE to check out my store...

You'll be glad you did!

Talk to you soon,

Saturday, April 22, 2006

More Thirty Toes and More Jamie!

Hey Foot Boys and Foot Girls -

Since I fell behind a couple days, you get TWO SETS of FREE PREVIEW Pictures today... three of the trio shots and three from the wonderful and sexy Jamie... Check it out:

The latest three girl photo update is on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website.

Today is the final update of our three princesses (I called this the "three pose posse".. LOL!)... and here are some free preview pictures from that update:

Oh yeah, and the Jamie photo sessions updates have started...

Today is the first set of updates... I have THREE complete sets coming your way...

If you like what you see, you should IMMEDIATELY check out my site.

You can check it out here:

There are over 2600 ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE picutres and video... If you want to increase your own personal female foot fetish collection INSTANTLY, you are going to LOVE my site...

Talk to you soon,


Female "Top Model" Feet

Thanks for the comments about the three girl update... there really is nothing like seeing thirty toes at one time... and it's more than that... it's thirty toes from some really cute and sexy gals!


I am thinkin' that I should be doing three girl photo shoots more often! You think?

If you haven't seen it yet, my website has the FULL update of the three girls photo shoot... and I have another update coming tomorrow!

You can also check out the pictures from my Friday blog entry... I uploaded three free pictures to give you an overall sample of the entire set.

And you guessed it, the Jamie pictures are coming out next week! A favorite "top model" returns to share her sexy and petite feet with you and me... I am excited because Jamie is one of those gals who just keeps "getting better" when it comes to sharing her literally PERFECT feet...

When I first met her, she was shy and didn't know if she wanted to share her feet with us... but after a bit she warmed up and started enjoying the experience of being a "Beautiful Barefoot Girl"... (This is both on and off the camera)

After the first photoshoot she did, she was REALLY into it... and I've had her back each month ever since...

She's a WONDERFUL gal and you are about to get to know her even better this week!

Stay Tuned!

Talk to you soon,


Friday, April 21, 2006

Thirty Toes To Share With YOU!

Hey Foot Fans!

Today is the first of my THREE GIRL photo set updates... and let me tell you.... I am EXCITED about this one... It's all the gals from April posing together...

And what an "experience" this is...

Just look at how their sexy bare feet compliment each other, both in the body shots and in the foot shots... Below are three EXCLUSIVE pictures from my website Beautiful Barefoot Girls, check it out:

Oh yeah, and I sent out a new Newsletter today as well... it's just a reminder about this update and some new stuff at Beautiful Barefoot Girls....

You can read it by clicking here...

So, if you like what you see and want to INSTANTLY increase your own personal foot fetish photo and video collection you should really check out my website...

I've got over 2300 ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE images that I am excited to share with you... and each photoset has free previews!

You can check it out here:

Talk to you soon,


Monday, April 17, 2006

Female Foot Fetish Newsletter And Kindred Feet


I released a new Newsletter today...

It deals with that "feeling of feelings"... being close to female feet.

It's a pretty good one... check it out by clicking here.

And hey, what about Jessica's awesome feet? I've been getting alot of GREAT comments about her smile, her body, but most of all about her feet.

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is an AWESOME video from Lindsay... If you don't know Lindsay yet, she's the gal on the homepage of the site... She's a professional model with some REALLY INCREDIBLE feet. This video is a GEM!

And, after that, I have a few photo sets coming out of THREE GIRLS!

Be on the lookout for those updates!

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, April 16, 2006

More of Jessica's Sexy Soles and Toes!

Hey Female Foot Fans -

Today is the day you've been waiting for... it's the third of three photo sets of our new gal Jessica...

This is a BONUS as I ususally only have two sets for each girl...

Imagine the scenario... I am taking pictures of Jessica and she just wants to keep going... I almost ran out of "positions" to tell her to pose. She got REALLY into it and the longer we shot pictures the more she was getting into her sexy feet.

In my opinion, these are some of the best shots to come from this photo session... It's alot of "sole" exploration! LOL!

Check it out:

She's got that killer smile and literally PERFECT FEET! Jessica is a TRUE FOOT GODDESS!

Click on each of the pictures above to download them to your own computer!

If you like Jessica, you are going to love ALL the Beautiful Barefoot Girls. You can check them all out by going here:

You'll be glad you did!

Talk to you soon,

Saturday, April 15, 2006

More Fun Feet Feedback About Jessica!

Hey Foot Fans!

Even though we're between updates today, the kind words about Jessica keep coming in!

Jessica is the new gal who posed for the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website this month... and boy, is she a hottie! If you haven't seen Jessica, check out the postings on this blog from the 12th and 14th!

Here's some more fan mail I got about this SUPER HOT gal:

"tommy -

i am impressed with Jessica. She is truely a pretty girl with some really nice feet. i want to see more... I really like her soles.

A from Kansas"

So, keep the fan mail coming in and get ready for tomorrow's AWESOME Update... it's the third and final update of Jessica's SMOKIN' SOLES... she lays on the ground and shoves her soles RIGHT INTO THE CAMERA! It's a very amazing photo set!

Talk to you soon,


Friday, April 14, 2006

More of Jessica's Sexy and Cute Bare Feet!

Hey Fellow Female Foot Fans!!

Today it's another GREAT TREAT! It's more Jessica showing her soles and toes on the red sofa! I've got more compliments on this girls feet than I've received in a long time!

Here are some free pictures from the second of three updates to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website... Click on each image and add it to your own personal collection!

If you like Jessica, you are going to love ALL the Beautiful Barefoot Girls!

Check it out here:

Talk to you soon,

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Feedback From Female Foot Fans!

Hey Female Foot Lovers -

I released another Newsletter today... you can check it out by clicking here.

In the meantime, here are some comments from a fan about Jessica:

"WOW...Jessica a WOMAN!! words cant describe her beauty and sex appeal wow..... did I say wow? really tommy. Jessica is the new #1 beautiful barefoot girl ,in my eyes anyway.

keep up the awesome pics of the sexy beautiful bare foot girls.

tommy your the BEST DUDE".


I couldn't agree MORE! If you want to see a sample of Jessica's HOT FEET, I uploaded three pictures to this blog yesterday.

And if you'd like to check out Jessica and the other wonderful Barefoot Girls at my site, you can go here:

And trust me, you'll be seeing LOTS of Jessica in the near future.

Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Welcome Jessica's Sexy Feet to Beautiful Barefoot Girls!

Hey Foot Fans -

I am pleased to introduce you to JESSICA! She's that latest new girl to join the Beautiful Barefoot Girls Army of sexy and cute feet! LOL!

Jessica comes to us from Portland, Oregon where she takes EXCELLENT care of her naturally PERFECT feet! I have uploaded the first of three new photos sets to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website... Check out the pictures below and if you like what you see, go to:

Check it out....

I'll be uploading the second set on Friday, so be on the lookout for more FANTASTIC FEET pictures from the Beautiful Barefoot Girls!

Talk to you soon,

Monday, April 10, 2006

Wrinkled Soles, Long Toes and More Julian Photos!

Hey Foot Fans!

I uploaded more photos of the "new girl" Julian to the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website today. I also uploaded a new Newsletter... Click HERE to read it.

In the meantime, enjoy some SEXY foot pictures of Julian...

Check out her fantastic soles:

Just look at those wrinkles... It's SO SEXY the way she crinkles her long toes like that.. LOVE IT!

Now, check out the tops of her feet...

And, of course, the "triumphant" full body shot... tan bare feet on the red sofa... NICE!

Oh yeah, if you haven't clicked on those images you really should... they open into their full size... you can then save them and add them to your OWN female foot fetish collection!

I also have tons of previews, over 2300 ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE image on my main site... it's called Beautiful Barefoot Girls. Click HERE to check it out!

Talk to you soon,

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Welcome the New Barefoot Girl: Julian!

Hey Fellow Foot Lovers -

Today I updated the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website with a new gal... her name is Julian and she's the girl with the tan feet...

Check out these STRONG and SEXY feet:

If you are into those Cute, Naturally Sexy Girl-Next Door BARE FEET, you are going to LOVE my site. Oh yeah, and these are all ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE images you won't find anywhere else... Keep posted for more updates!

Talk to you soon,

Friday, April 07, 2006

Hey Female Foot Lovers -

Wasn't the update with Jules AWESOME?!? She's got some super SEXY and WONDERFUL feet... I have another photo set of Jules that I am going to post later in the month, so if you can't get enough, there is more Jules coming soon...

Today I am releasing a new Newsletter... It's got updates, a new photo, and a FANTASTIC story about a recent "foot encounter" I had with a coffee barista girl... There is something going on up here in the Pacific Northwest with coffee and bare feet! LOL!

You can check out the Newsletter by clicking HERE.

Oh yeah, and I mention it in the Newsletter, but I have a NEW GIRL ready to post tomorrow. Her name is Julian and she's got some pretty, tan feet that she shares with you...

Talk to you soon,


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Foot Fetish Site Update: Jules part 2

Hey Foot Fans!

Today's Beautiful Barefoot Girls update is the completion of a Jules photo set...

Check out her small and petite feet... and that purple/block toe-nail polish is AWESOME!

Jules is an awesome gal... with sexy, cute feet and a wonderful smile!

You can check out the full Jules update at the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website.

There's a fun Newsletter being released tomorrow, so if you aren't a member of my list yet, you should really sign up... check out Barefoot Experience to sign up.

Talk to you soon,


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Jules PhotoSet Released Today

Hey Female Foot Fans...

As promised, I uploaded the first of two photo sets of the Petite and Sexy Jules to Beautiful Barefoot Girls this morning... Check out her AWESOME purple and black toe-nail polish. She's a cute gal with some really sexy and small feet... if you like these, you are going to LOVE the whole photo set...

Here are some samples:

You can check out Jules and ALL the Beautiful Barefoot Girls by going here:

Enjoy the pictures...

Talk to you soon,


Monday, April 03, 2006

Female Foot Fetish Newsletter and Pictures

Hello Fantastic Female Foot Lovers!

There is a Newsletter being released today... Be checking your in-box for that!

And a couple reminders... If you aren't on my Newsletter list yet, you really should be! Signing up is FREE and there are quite a few free pictures available to add to your own personal Female Foot Fetish collection... and you get access to these pictures by signing up!

You can sign-up at my website called Barefoot Experience.

Oh yeah, and the the Beautiful Barefoot Girls site was updated with another set of Jamie's AWESOME and SEXY FEET!

Here are some examples:

I mean, look at those NATURALLY SEXY and CUTE bare feet! Wow!

If you like what you see, Jamie has over a hundred EXCLUSIVE and ORIGINAL Pictures on my site... you can click this link to go there:

More updates coming tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Links Added To Foot Fetish Photo Sites

Hey Female Foot Lovers -

Today I added a TON of links to my Beautiful Barefoot Girls links page and my Barefoot Experience links pages...

Some of them are those kinda obscure European pages with tons of free pictures... check 'em out!

Tomorrow's update is going to be killer... Keep posted!

Talk to you soon,